A space for fresh perspectives exploring the world of LGBTQIA+ dating.

NFAQ is a new dating resource from Hinge dedicated to providing a platform for real Hinge daters to answer LGBTQIA+ questions not talked about enough. NFAQ, or Not-so Frequently Asked Questions, was launched in close collaboration with Stink Studios to establish the voice, positioning and identity of the community-driven initative spanning social, digital, OOH and the hinge.NFAQ.co microsite.

Hinge NFAQ Campaign           
Creative Campaign, Digital Experience, Print

Designed at Stink Studios (2022).
Role: Associate Brand Designer.

Team: Garrett Close, Design Director; Esther Park, Sr. Art Director; Diego Holzman, Motion Designer; Jaycee Masucci, Digital Designer; Shivani Toshniwal, Jr. Digital Designer; Juan Laría; Developer; Sean Quinn, Head of Production; Allison Eng + Zanah Thirus, Sr. Producer; Zhenya Rhynzhuk, Freelance Art Director.

Los Angeles, CA