I am a hopeless optimist, a believer in serendipity and a designer who values empathetic design through honest dialogue and communication. I forged these values by growing up surrounded by the warmth and energy of Guatemalan culture: the portly and high-spirited street hot dog vendor Andrés, my kindhearted childhood dentist Edgar and my peppy elementary school bus driver Rigoberta were all kind, sincere and warm-hearted people that I looked up to.

My childhood has largely defined my values and I have translated those qualities into the design world. I harness the power of design to create design solutions that are visually energetic and honest and speaks eye-level to its audience through a frank and clear approach.

I am currently a freelance designer based in Los Angeles, California. Previously at Manual, Stink Studios and sweetgreen.

For freelance inquiries and collaborations, please feel free to reach out via email. Follow along! Instagram, Linkedin and Spotify.

Los Angeles, CA